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ProxyPass Release 1.9

ProxyPass version 1.9 includes the following enhancements:

More CAPTCHA Options - Customers using the native ProxyPass captcha features (i.e. html user/pass login with image code) will be pleased with the broadened array of advanced controls. Webmasters can adjust the size and distortion level of the captcha code, the length and character set, and whether members are allowed to "remember" their login. The default login form appearance is "skinnable" using simple, HTML templates that can be adjusted on a domain-by-domain basis. You can also disable the image check entirely, while still using the skinnable HTML logins.

PSSO Integration - Our single-sign-on module (PSSO) is now fully compatible with ProxyPass, including the captcha login features.

For more information on these or other ProxyPass features, please contact us.

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