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ProxyPass Release 1.8

Solidifying its industry-leading reputation for unmatched security & stabililty, the ProxyPass 1.8 release includes two primary enhancements:

CAPTCHA Authentication -- ProxyPass now includes native, optional support for form-based logins, while still remaining fully compliant with standard HTTP authentication. These HTML logins (example) include additional "captcha" prompts along with the typical username and password fields. Max Lorga, of the ProxyPass dev team, explains: "After mothballing our earlier captcha work from a couple years ago due to inherent captcha weaknesses, we resurrected and improved it recently for those customers who are interested in experimenting with these Turing-test logins. The great thing about our captcha implementation is that it is completely implemented at the Apache module level. That means it is immediately compliant with your existing setup and requires no extra scripts or changes to your password store or members area. Customers using it to date have been very pleased." And although captcha-type challenge systems are not foolproof (see FAQ), they provide an additional option in the ProxyPass arsenal.

Performance Refactoring -- ProxyPass has never been slack on performance. In fact, it's a core part of our foundational trio: security, performance, stability. Version 1.8 continues in this tradition with efficiency improvements that give our customers the most performance bang for their buck. Terry Silver, Product Manager, attests to this: "To be honest, we really don't get requests for better runtime performance from our customers. ProxyPass is already the fastest thing out there when it comes to an optimized, efficient solution to password security and cracking defense. But the dev team did refactor the code to provide an important performance boost for customers running a high number (i.e. >750) of simultaneous Apache processes.

For more information on all the enterprise-class ProxyPass features, please contact us.

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