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Cavecreek Hosting (CWIE, LLC) Makes ProxyPass Preferred Technology Partner

Leading hosting provider, Cavecreek, has teamed up with ProxyPass to provide their customers with the very best in brute-force password cracking protection. As their recommended "partner solution" to secure Apache authentication against single-source, distributed-source, and proxy-based attacks, ProxyPass looks forward to growing its Cavecreek deployment base and providing Cavecreek customers with a 10% discount.

Beginning in December 2002, CWIE engaged ProxyPass to beta-test a number of Cavecreek servers under severe and constant attack. The test results demonstrated an impressive 85% decrease in server load averages over competitive products iProtect and Pennywize. Both CWIE management and their system administration team were impressed with the significant performance boost and ease of installation/configuration. Based on resulting CWIE recommendations to their hosting clients, ProxyPass has been increasing its deployment amongst Cavecreek customers.

Terry Silver of ProxyPass explains: "This is a win-win for all parties involved. Cavecreek customers get a great product at a reduced price, CWIE saves on hardware and system administration costs, and ProxyPass sees a broader propagation of its award-winning software. We are especially excited for this partnership to grow."

About CWIE, LLC -- The Mission of Cavecreek Wholesale Internet Exchange (CWIE) is to provide leadership in high-speed, high bandwidth Internet access and related support services. CWIE supports a variety of clientele from corporations to entrepreneurs, and provides an environment that fosters both growth and respect for its employees, vendor partners and clients.

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