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ProxyPass Release 1.7

With a broader array of configuration options and overall performance enhancements, ProxyPass version 1.7 responds strongly to the growing and changing threats facing site owners. Max Lorga explains: "Speaking for the dev team, we're really proud of the new features we've added, especially those that that stop the more exotic attack methodologies our customers have brought to us. And we've managed to wring additional performance enhancements out of our existing architecture. Best of all, we're getting great, positive feedback from our customer base in response to these new enhancements." Some of the latest options include:

Improved Realtime Interface - ProxyPass has always been short on fluff and big on rock-solid performance and rich features. In keeping with that motto, the latest changes to the stats tool have resulted in a much cleaner display of block information -without- sacrificing speedy load times. Admins can now manually add blocks directly from within the tool.

Apache 2 Support - ProxyPass is now fully compliant with Apache 2 for both single-server installations and enterprise, load-balanced clusters. Terry Silver notes: "Although most of our customers are still using the tried-and-true 1.3.x, we started getting an increase in the number of Apache 2 compatibility inquiries towards the end of '03. It took us awhile to get there, but we've now got a top-quality product that will allow our customers flexibility as they choose between Apache 1.3 and 2."

Realtime BW Throttling - To complement the maximum download limits introduced in version 1.5, ProxyPass can now throttle bandwidth consumption in real-time, on a second-by-second basis. This behavior is similar to a traffic shaping firewall policy that limits bandwidth consumption by network protocol or IP address. But this latest ProxyPass directive gives administrators the ability to limit bps BW consumption by username account and host domain as well.

More Config Options - Longtime ProxyPass customers will be glad to see more customization controls in version 1.7. Administrators can now use piped logging to integrate ProxyPass events with external applications. Compromised account violation settings can now support multiple, simultaneous levels. And server-wide, site-non-specific blocks can now be created for all policy types.

For more information on these or other ProxyPass features, please contact us.

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