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ProxyPass Release 1.11

ProxyPass version 1.11 continues to set the bar for efficient defense of Apache servers from brute-force attacks and account violations. As with all of our historical releases, the latest enhancements are focused on improving performance for high-throughput sites and giving our customers more configuration options and controls.

Improved Clustering - ProxyPass has always included native support for load-balanced clusters. The abililty to centrally manage block stats and efficiently propagate information across clusters is a critcially important feature for our larger, enterprise-class customers -- some of which have clusters exceeding 30 machines! Release 1.11 improves on this tradition with a refactorization of internode communication, making it even faster, particularly for round-robin and sticky-session-hybrid balancing schemes. Max Lorga, of the dev team, explains: "ProxyPass uses an optimized piered framework for clustering, which is -much- better than the slower, centralized, and single-point-of-failure-prone sql backends used by our competitors. Talk about a bottlenecked architecture!" The ProxyPass clustering directives have also been simplified, making config management more consistent and streamlined for hosting admins and our largest customers.

More Config Options - Max bandwidth and download policies now support fixed-frame windows, in addition to the previous rolling windows. Username-based policies now have case-sensitivity options -- an easy toggle for customers using mod_auth_mysql default parameters so they don't have to change the character or collation sets on their database table schemas.

For more information on all the enterprise-class ProxyPass features, please contact us.

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