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ProxyPass Release 1.10

ProxyPass announces version 1.10 of its award-winning software. This release includes the following new features:

Geo-Country Integration - Compromised, or shared, account policies now include options for country thresholds. These country-based policies work alongside the existing IP subnet policies, and are natively enabled if the industry-standard (and freely available) mod_geoip Apache module is installed. Webmasters will also gain increased country visibility in their block stats and historical logs. Please note that while IP/country mapping is quite accurate, fine-grained geo targeting (i.e. city) is highly inaccurate and will lead to incorrect data and bad blocks.

Realtime Connection Throttling - ProxyPass customers can now throttle the number of simultaneous requests a member can initiate. This feature can greatly help reduce the negative stresses on your server from a member who is site-scraping or using an aggressive auto-download software. And it can often make more sense to simply limit the number of parallel streams-by-member rather than capping their realtime download rate (i.e. kbps) or overall download volume (i.e. X GB/day). This is especially true as "fatter pipes" become more common and members expect limitless access to high-definition and large file-size content.

These new throttling features are similar to firewall policies that limit the number of parallel connections from a particular IP. However, most firewalls can only limit connections by IP endpoint, -not- by authentication username. By extension, ProxyPass's ability to limit connections by username in realtime gives webmasters more accurate protection for two important reasons: (1) different users routing through shared IPs (big ISP gateways, caching servers) are not lumped together and penalized unnecesarily; and (2) site-scraping software and download managers cannot route through different source IPs to get around restrictions.

With this new realtime connection throttling feature, ProxyPass adds a third bandwidth policy option to complement the existing aggregate max download limits and realtime traffic shaping by username.

For more information on these or other ProxyPass features, please contact us.

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