The following tables show just some of the policy options available with ProxyPass. The example display is based on a real-time, web-accessible snapshot of all the active blocks that exist on a ProxyPass-protected server. In addition to relevant block details (i.e. account, IP, thresholds), the web view also gives administrators the ability to manually add or remove blocks and search across cluster nodes (for load-balanced setups). This information is also captured in the ProxyPass log files and made available to external applications via the documented ProxyPass API hooks.

Please also note that ProxyPass includes many other policies and configuration options beyond those limited to this demo table. For example, realtime connection throttling by username, captcha customizations, realtime traffic shaping, and external API integrations are just a few of the many additional policies that are available.

ProxyPass Block Records

Current time: 12/17/07 18:47:12
Proxies/Drones blocked since 12/17/07 00:00:00:   1179

Manual Block:    Host:   Hours to Block:   

Account Sharing Violations
This table shows the accounts currently being blocked for a password sharing violation. These accounts have been accessed from either too many IPs or too many countries within a set period of time.

HostAccountThresholdBlock BeganBlock EndsIP DetailsDelete ips / 90 min12/16/07 23:05:1412/17/07 19:05:14
*** ips / 720 min12/16/07 16:08:3312/26/07 16:08:33 ***
mem.z.comz3d43 cnt / 720 min12/16/07 19:13:4412/26/07 19:13:44

Bandwidth Violations
This table shows the accounts currently being blocked for violating any bandwidth or connection policies, if configured. Blocks showing thresholds of "X MB / Y min" are for accounts that have downloaded greater than the allowable transfer volume rate. Blocks showing thresholds of "X 503s / Y min" are for accounts that have exceeded the allowable rate of aggregate, throttled connections.

HostAccountThresholdBlock BeganBlock EndsDelete
members.x.comxyz1400 MB / 1440 min12/17/07 08:15:3312/17/07 19:10:40*** MB / 1440 min12/17/07 00:30:4012/17/07 20:30:40***

Burst Attacks
This table shows the IPs and usernames currently being blocked for excessive, unsuccessful login attempts within a short period of time. These blocks stop cracking attempts from single-source, non-proxy IPs and from distributed IP networks targeting the same username. Pairs of IP and username burst blocks that begin at the same time are often related to the same unsuccessful login entries.

HostIP / AccountThresholdBlock BeganBlock EndsDelete / 6 min12/17/07 12:17:1012/18/07 14:17:10*** / 6 min12/17/07 12:18:1112/18/07 14:18:11***
members.x.comxxyyz5 / 6 min12/17/07 13:27:1212/18/07 16:27:12***
members.x.com3.4.9.65 / 6 min12/17/07 14:13:1312/18/07 17:13:13***
members.x.commmnnp5 / 6 min12/17/07 14:13:1312/18/07 17:13:13***
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