Customer References

CTO » "ProxyPass is the first package we recommend when asked by our clients about protecting their sites from brute force attacks or traded passwords. Quick installations, timely support and a great product will keep Mojohost recommending ProxyPass long into the future. Thank you ProxyPass for taking care of our clients as well as you do."

Cavecreek / CWIE
System Administration Mgr. » "Thanks for the quick service you always give us. It is much appreciated."

"We have used many security programs, and ProxyPass was the best solution. We have had minimal issues since installing ProxyPass, and if anything does come up I know that their support team is there to help me."

"Proxypass has been instrumental in providing a quality and dependable service for our company. They are responsive whenever necessary and their product has proved to be successful 100% of the time."

Internet Product Manager » "After installing ProxyPass our monthly bandwidth bill went down by thousands and our sites are performing much more efficiently. And after our positive experience with ProxyPass we decided to integrate their PSSO single-sign-on module into our next generation sites. Another solid performer. The Proxigence customer service department is first rate and one of the best in the industry. And their staff's knowledge of high performance web infrastructure is unparalleled."

President » "ProxyPass has really proven its ability, operating flawlessly on over 50 of our servers. It's a top software in the industry for preventing bandwidth theft and has earned a strong reputation for very high customer satisfaction. We highly recommend ProxyPass to our customers."

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